You already know this

Even if you have never studied Russian and think that you know nothing, it is not quite true. You probably know that:

– Russian uses the Cyrillic alphabet,

– a lot of people studying Russian have difficulties with and questions about its difficult grammar,

– despite this it is quite feasible because many people of very different nationalities speak it, not only in the former territory of the Soviet Union but also outside the area,

– learning Russian is just like learning any other language. You learn the vocabulary and grammar, read, speak, listen and write. So if you want to learn to read it you must read a lot. If you want mainly to understand it you must listen to a lot of Russian. If you want to speak Russian you have to practice as much as possible (if you don’t have the chance to speak much with others then you must regularly repeat the audio material for your level).

– Russian uses a lot of international vocabulary and that means that simple conversation is possible even for those who start knowing almost nothing.