A modern version of the creation of the world / Сотворение мира в современной версии

God created the Earth

God created animals

God created birds

God created chat on Whats Арp

God added Adam

Adam “I am bored”

God took a rib out of Adam

God added Eve

Adam “Ah! Painful”

Eve “Hi”

Eve “What can I wear?”

Eve “This?”  “Or this? Or this?”

Adam “A nurse’s outfit!”

Eve “I understand, a plantain leaf”

Eve “Perhaps, we should go somewhere?”

Adam “Where? There is nothing going on”

Eve “If you are going to make fun of me, I will leave you”

Adam “Who are you going to?)))”

God “Each of you take a pair of every living creature under the sun”

God “Not there”

Adam “Eve, let’s go to my place?”

Adam “I haven’t any parents at home”    (double meaning -Adam does not have parents, but also there no parents at home – so they can do what they want))))

Adam and Eve added Cain and Abel

Cain wiped out Abel


Inna Klimenko

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